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I just wanted to drop you a line to say how thrilled I am with what you have done so far in the first four chapters.Thank you for taking my ramblings and making them read so cohesively. I also wished I had contacted you a long time ago, your suggestions have been ever so helpful in clarifying those final bits!! - Lesley

I had reason the other day to read the manuscript assessment that you did for me about 3 years ago. As with the first time, I found it an extraordinary and elegant piece of work, so thanks again for that. -Tim

You assessed my 70,000 word manuscript Emily's Fate about five years ago. I had no previous writing experience and although you criticised it harshly in your comprehensive 15 page report you also offered solutions to most of the problems concerning plot, characterisation and style. You encouraged me to learn about the craft and I found the free 'articles for writers' section of your website very helpful in my quest for knowledge. I am pleased to be able to tell you that after adopting most of your suggestions I persevered with it and following several rejections and re-writes it was published as 'Emily's Destiny' last year. – Allan

Some time ago you did the editing on my book Nulli Secundus-Second To None. I don’t know if you remember it but I thought you would like to know that it won first prize in the premier International ‘London Book Festival’ awards in the wild card genre. i.e. combination of genres. The book has had excellent enthusiastic reviews. -Terry

Your criticisms and suggestions were very helpful, and your kind praise gave me a real boost given that I had no idea what to expect - in fact, I was too scared to open the envelope for half a day. Some of your points were so obvious I just kicked myself - why didn't I think of that? - but I think it's difficult to keep a sense of perspective when you've invested so much time and effort into something.
I have a heap of work to do now to wrestle the thing into shape, but I'm looking forward to it. It's nice to have a sense of direction again. That was the first thing I lost, followed by my sanity! -Jennifer

Just a quick note to let you know that I found the assessment professional, comprehensive and practical. Thank you for taking the time to go into the detail that you did. - Robert

I found your assessment quite extraordinary. I don’t understand how you manage to combine your eye for detail with your broad conceptual analysis. And I find your insights and analysis extremely useful and clarifying. - Tim

Thank you for the lovely work you have done, and all the helpful constructive critisisms - never once was I offended in any way. THANK YOU!! YOU'RE A LEGEND!! If anything, all the advice you have written in the (track changes) was really - really helpful, all of the rules you have written down will be printed and put up in front of my computer screen to remind me of such things as; not having the narrator say what the characters are about to say (plus many more). I never thought of that - der! >bashes self in head< - Hopefully your knowledge will rub off onto me and help me hone my writing skills further.

Clearly you know what you're doing when it comes to your line of work - I am very satisfied with what you have done and I have recomended a friend of mine to get in touch with you regarding his thesis. Please keep my address in your address book - you will be hearing from me in a few months when Part II is completed. Thanks again -Jules C.

I wish to personally thank you for assessing my novel. I have read your assessment several times with interest, and am most gratified at the detail, and the lengths you have gone to in your appraisal.
I have now commenced rewriting the manuscript with the aid of your notes. It will however be a slow process because I am a carer which takes up much time.
Your appraisal gives me great encouragement, and I hope in the coming months to bring the work up to a more professional standard. Once again, thank you very much. -Rob

A short note to thank you for your brilliant dissection of my two manuscripts. I am enthused rather than dismayed.
The quality of your work is such that I visualise you as the central figure in a novel called The Book Doctor who Refused to Bulk Bill, with the sub-title Penny Dreadful, Turned Into Classics. -Athol

I have never received such useful critical feed-back on anything I've produced in my life, Margaret. Big mobs of thanks for all your comments and suggestions. -Shirley

My supervisor was very complimentary towards your work. -Donna

I received the manuscript and I can see from the outset that it is a thorough job. Thank you. I am grateful for the suggestions and am mulling them over. Some of them, I know I will use, though, as yet, I have no firm idea yet what the ending will be. However, thanks to you, my brain is racing with possibilities. It is a feast rather than a famine.
Thanks again Margaret. I like your shoot from the hip approach and you are fair in the monetary end of it as well. Any chance I get, I will tout your abilities to others.
You clarified so many important elements for me in the editing that it would be remiss of me not to publicly acknowledge that fact. -John

I'd say you touched all the bases in a review that was more than I expected. I couldn't have sent it to a better critic. May your career find all the success that should be coming its way. Your work surely deserves it. -Wayne

Thank you very much for your excellent and efficient editing!!(unlike my supervisor who has not returned my work!) Your 'colourful' editing is very easy to follow. Thank you again. Best, Tomoko

Several months back, I dug up a proofing you did on a rather tedious, impossible short story that you had ripped to pieces. It inspired me to rewrite it and it has turned out to be one of the best things I have. This time, I followed all of your advice, and you were right there on every point. You really hated that one, but I'm sure you'd love it now. You gave me a whole course in writing from that one critque. -Jack



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