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I need someone to write an essay for me. Will you do this?


How long does an assessment take?

Six to eight weeks, but we try very hard to be faster.

I need some work edited by tomorrow. Can you help?

It depends how busy we are. We are often fully booked three or four weeks in advance. If you have a long work a book or a thesis, pre-book us. We understand if you can't get it to us on time, but if you don't prebook we may not be able to fit you in at all. If you have a small piece—about 8,000 words—we will get it back to you within a week without pre-booking.

How long does it take to edit a thesis or book?

Depending on how long it is, it can take us 30 to 50 hours to edit a thesis (once it took over 100 hours—the writer kept changing things and asking for small alterations and rewriting entire chapters we had edited). Fiction is usually quicker. You should get it back within ten working days (it takes us eight hours to do five hours of chargeable work, as a rule).

What kinds of document do you edit?

We usually edit in Word doc or .docx, using Track Changes.

How do I know you will do a good job?

We will give you a free sample edit for work over 40,000 words long. That way you can see what you will get before you are committed.

Can I get a quote?

Yes, for work over 40,000 words long. We don't give quotes for shorter work.

How do you work out your prices?

We have fixed prices for assessments, based on word count. For editing and proofreading works over 40,000 words, we offer the choice of an hourly rate or a fixed quote.

Do you give discounts?

In memory of our own student days, we offer students a 15% discount if they are not being subsidised.

I am a student with a subsidy, but it doesn't cover the cost of your quote. Will you edit my thesis for this?

No, sorry. A subsidy is a contribution to editing costs, not the full amount. But we will charge you the student rate for the portion you have to pay out of your own pocket.

Do you do work for people overseas?

Yes. We don't care where you live as long as you can pay us in Australian currency.

There are some problems with the editing you sent back. What should I do?

Contact us. We want you to be happy with what we have done, and talking it through is the best way to achieve this. Remember that all the changes we mark are suggestions—if you don't like them, click the 'reject' option in Track Changes.



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