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The Book Doctor edits theses by both native English speakers and those for whom English is a second language. 

We recognise the time and effort that goes into work at this level; our editing is careful and thorough to provide the best possible presentation of what is one of the most important documents anyone will ever write.

why get your thesis edited by the book doctor?

  • all thesis editing is carried out by an experienced academic editor with postdoctoral experience and an academic research record in English
  • the same editors who edit your professors' books and papers will edit your thesis
  • we will edit a sample of your thesis for free before you commit to anything*
  • we meet the particular requirements of different departments and universities
  • we return all work within ten working days
  • we address problems and questions arising from our work at no extra cost
  • we provide a free PDF of your finalised thesis for electronic submission
  • we comply with the Australian Standards for Editing Practice regarding thesis editing**

what services do we provide?

  • proof reading and editing all written work at undergraduate and graduate level
  • formatting theses and papers to specific university requirements
  • checking bibliographies and applying specific styles such as Harvard, Chicago, APA, Vancouver
  • creating tables of contents, including lists of tables and figures
  • preparing theses for printing
  • providing a PDF of the finalised work if requested—at no further cost
  • offering private consultations on writing problems at thesis level
  • not covered by any of these? Ask us.


*Conditions for free sample edit and quote:

  • We will edit up to 20 minutes of a work over 40,000 words long.
  • The sample offered must be a fair representation of the entire work. We reserve the right to revise our quote if the work differs significantly from the edited sample.
  • A quote based on an edited sample does not include the cost of editing the bibliography.
  • Quotes remain valid for three months.

**We conform to the guidelines for editing theses laid out by the Institute of Professional Editors as presented in the Australian Standards for Editing Practice. A copy of these standards is available for viewing here.


Yeah! We did it! In the report, it says" This thesis is well written and structured". Thank you very much for your help, editing is a very important part of thesis which might be neglected by many people. - Feng.

The first and last pages of examiners' comments remark on the excellent proof-reading, expression, formatting and printing, so that is a reflection on the professionalism of your work. - Jill

I must extend my heartfelt thanks for your gorgeous work that gives me an instant impression of high professionalism. - Siu Hung.

Many thanks for editing my PhD exegesis at the end of June. You were invaluable in bringing my task to completion, and a pleasure to work with. Two examiners commented on the quality of the writing, and one of these additionally noted that my exegesis proves that all PhDs should go through a professional editor. - Michael

WOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW. I am amazed. You have done a wonderful job. - Nasser

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