the book doctor: manuscript assessments



Our novel assessments provide an honest evaluation of your writing, and include comments on plot, characterisation, themes and style. We make practical suggestions for improving those aspects of your manuscript that are in need of extra attention.

  • Manuscript assessments are generally 10-15 pages long for a full-length novel.
  • Non-fiction work varies considerably. Our assessments are focused on providing comprehensive feedback on style, subject, expression, organisation, and publication potential.
  • We include a separate letter to publishers for manuscripts that we judge to be publication-worthy.


What should you send?

  • Your manuscript, or up to 20,000 words of a partial manuscript, printed on one side of the page only and numbered (perfectionists can consult our hints for presentation)
    • OR e-mail your document as a Word attachment.We will print out a copy at 30 cents per page
  • A self-addressed, pre-paid red plastic postal bag for its return (don't waste money on Express Post or Registered Post: they are no faster.)
    • OR ask us to e-mail the report to you. We will recycle the manuscript.
  • A brief letter stating that you want a manuscript assessment. Add any specific instructions or concerns that you wish us to address in the assessment.
  • Payment. Please see our prices page for charges and payment options.
  • A rough word count

If you include an e-mail address we will notify you when your manuscript arrives.


Where do you send it?

The Book Doctor
69 Sandville Place
Tasmania 7020 

Or, if you are taking up our electronic manuscript assessment service (we print out a copy of your ms at 30 cents per page and e-mail the report to you) send your ms and instructions here.


Got a question? Please ask us.

We consider having a manuscript professionally assessed an essential step on the way to publication, whether the writer is experienced or novice.

I feel as though I have been given a masterclass in creative writing that I wish I had had years ago!! There is really nothing that I can disagree with and somehow you have made me think about the novel (such as it is) in a whole new way. -Samantha

I had reason the other day to read the manuscript assessment that you did for me about 3 years ago.  As with the first time, I found it an extraordinary and elegant piece of work, so thanks again for that. -Tim

I just wanted to let you know some good news that I have had. You will remember me as the author of "The Starship Superia", a book that you assessed for me [twice] ... Applying many of your suggestions to improve my writing, I made significant progress. You said that I had discovered a plot that works, but pointed out numerous weaknesses in my writing—especially the fact that the main character didn't solve enough problems on his own ... I found the time to re-write the Starship again. Once again, I was careful to apply your recommendations for the improvement of my writing. I found that I was getting better all the time.

I just wanted to express my gratitude to you for your services ... I ... consider that you went above and beyond the call of duty and really helped me to identify weaknesses in my writing. I am getting better all the time and it is in no small way because of your input. -Michael

(Michael's novel was published by Scholastic Press as The Four Powers of Daren Saner.)



the book doctor
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